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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Potentially Good News

An Italian doctor says that he came up with a cure for many types of MS. He also feels that he knows what cause these types of the disease. The doctor's name is Paolo Zamboni. He says that there are pathways in the brain that get rid of extra iron that the brain does not need. In the brain's of MS patients, they passages are blocked, which causes a build up of iron in the brain. The cure, he says, is a surgery to open some of the main veins in the brain that aid in moving this extra iron. his research all started when MS hit close to home, his wife was diagnosed. He began doing deep and intense research on the disease and found very old information on a the theory of iron build-up as the cause. When the iron builds up in the brain, it damages blood vessels that are vital to the body. He began taking ultrasound's on all of the patients he was treating for MS. Surprisingly these ultrasounds confirmed his theory. More than 90% of the patients have some sort of blockage in the veins that drain blood and iron from the brain. He has done the operation on 66 people, including his wife. 73% of the patients the operation was done on are completely free of MS symptoms. his wife has not had one attach since her surgery. Researchers and support groups from around the world are absolutely thrilled at the idea that there may be a cure for Ms and that it may just be this relatively simple operation. In the operation a catheter is inserted in blood vessels in the groin and then it travels all the way up to the effected vein in the brain, and places a balloon in the vein opening it up. The results are immediate and the operation is not too risky. In some cases the balloon is not enough so a metal stint is placed in the vein instead, which keeps the vein open permanently. Great News, researchers around the world are doing studies and if this cure is accepted, then these surgeries will be available all around the world.